About Us

HRUDAYA Palliative Care team which consists of medical doctors, nurses, drivers, trained volunteers and counselors, operates from four different regions of the diocese, viz. Chalakudy, Irinjalakuda, Kodakara and Mala. The teams make regular home visits and give care to patients who are initially identified and referred to the HRUDAYA regional centers by the volunteers of the local Hrudaya palliative care units. The teams also attend to the emergency situations of the patients and support to shift patients to hospitals if necessary. Free physiotherapy service is provided in the regional centers. Medical equipments and accessories like wheel chairs, walkers, airbeds, oxygen concentrators etc are also given free of cost to patients according to their needs.

The services rendered by HRUDAYA Pallaitive Care are free of cost. But at the same time, about the amount of Rs. 300,000/- is spent per month for home care visits, medicines, surgical items and related services. It is the generous donations, made by good-minded people that support us to carry out our services. I invite you also to be the part of this selfless service to ease the pain of the suffering people through your valuable prayers and generous donations.