How we work

The mode of operation is on the following way:

  • Give orientation and training in palliative care with the help of Pain and Palliative Care Society, Thrissur.
  • Conduct survey with the support of the volunteers to identify bedridden patients in need of care.
  • Establish Palliative Care Units consisting of volunteers in different locations.
  • Visit by medical team to the families of the patients to assess their needs.
  • Providing medical care and other supports to the patients and their families as per their assessed needs.
  • Provide counseling to patients as well as the family members.
  • Provide physiotherapy to patients in need.
  • In case of emergency the palliative care team supports the family to shift the patients to hospitals if needed or attend to the emergency situation at home itself.
  • In case of death the palliative care team provides death care and also service of ambulance for subsequent requirements.
  • The Palliative Care team also supports the family members in their time of bereavement to face the reality of death and cope with their loss.