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HRUDAYA Palliative Care Trust is at present functioning through five  regional centres namely Irinjalakuda, Mala, Chalakudy, Kodakara and Vellikulangara which are managed by the regional directors.

The regional centre of Irinjalakuda has been set up in the Hrudaya Palliative Care Centre at Gandhigram, Irinjalakuda. This centre provides care to 464 families in Irinjalakuda and Kodungallur Municipalities and nearby Grama Panchayaths. The team in Irinjalakuda regional centre consists of 5 nurses, 12 doctors, 1 driver and 196 volunteers.

Mala regional centre is set up in Infant Jesus Mission Hospital, Meladoor and this centre provides care to 342 families in the different Grama Panchayaths near Mala.  The team consists of 4 nurses, 9 doctors, 1 driver and 118 volunteers.

Chalakudy regional centre is set up in a building adjacent to St. James Hospital Chalakudy. The team of this centre consists of 7 doctors, 3 nurses, 1 driver and 122 volunteers and this centre provides care to 302 families in Chalakudy Municipality and the surrounding Grama Panchayaths including the hilly areas where palliative care facilities are bare minimum.

Kodakara regional centre is set up in B.L.M. Aloor and this centre provides care to 282 families in the different Grama Panchayaths: Kodakara, Aloor, Mattathur and Kodassrery.  The team consists of 3 nurses, 5 doctors, 1 driver and 92 volunteers.

Vellikulangara regional centre is set up in a house at this hilly area and this centre provides care to 210 families in the different Grama Panchayaths: Varandarapilly, Mattathur, Kodassrery and Athirapilly.  The team consists of 6 nurses, 4 doctors, 2 driver and 72 volunteers.

These teams visit patients who are bedridden at regular intervals, provide home care, give medicines free of cost, and also give wheel chair, air bed, walkers, food kits etc. to those who are in need. A physiotherapy unit has been set up in Irinjalakuda regional centre where physiotherapy is given free of cost. I acknowledge with gratitude that the ambulances, cars and other facilities in these regional centres are donated by good minded and generous people.


Regional Centre Doctor Nurse Driver Volunteers No of Patients Panchayaths
Irinjalakuda 12 5 1 196 464 Irinjalakuda M, Kaipamangalam ,Kattoor,Kodungaloor M, Edathuruthy, Velookara, Vellangallur, Karalam, Mathilakam, ,Padiyoor,  Puthenchira
Mala 9 4 1 118 342 Mala, Kuzur, Poyya, Annamanada, kadukutty,  Muriyad
Chalakudy 7 3 1 122 302 Chalakudy M , Kodasserry , Pariyaram
Kodakara 5 3 1 92 282 Kodakara,  Aloor, Mattathur,  Parapookara,
Vellikulangara 4 6 2 72 210 Athirapiily, Mattathur, Kodasserry
Total 37 21 6 600 1600 Muncipality     3,    Panchayaths    22

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